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26 Images Of Animals In Shelters That Will Win Your Hearts Over

  • 1

    "Went to volunteer at the Humane Society, and the security bag check was pretty intense"

    cute animals - Cat
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  • 2

    "These two strays we found wandering the streets together in California"

    cute animals - Animal shelter
  • 3

    "This cat at my local rescue shelter has ridiculously long legs"

    cute animals - Cat
  • 4

    "Some of our cats prefer to be fed via dinosaur"

    cute animals - Cat
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  • 5

    "Perfect photobomb"

    cute animals - Footwear - butler
  • 6

    "Started my job at the SPCA yesterday"

    cute animals - Vertebrate
  • 7

    "A mother's love"

    cute animals - Canidae
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  • 8

    "The day my mom found me"

    cute animals - Dog
  • 9

    "The shelter staff said they do this all day"

    cute animals - Cage
  • 10

    "This dog up for adoption at the animal shelter"

    cute animals - Vertebrate
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  • 11

    "Went to pick up dog from kennel and found her like this"

    cute animals - Ceiling
  • 12

    "This dog at the shelter pressed himself up against the fence so I could reach through and pet him"

    cute animals - Animal shelter
  • 13

    "Walked into the dog shelter this morning and this little lady was about to make her escape"

    cute animals - Chain-link fencing
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  • 14

    "The animal shelter sign wasn't lying"

  • 15

    "Does anyone know this cat? He is 31.4 pounds. He clearly had someone feeding him but was brought in as a stray cat"

    cute animals - Cat - COUNT nmal Service
  • 16

    "An elderly woman brought a stray "cat" into our shelter today"

    cute animals - Animal shelter
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  • 17

    "I visited a cat shelter on a houseboat in Amsterdam and met a very friendly face"

    cute animals - Cat - Radbo ivers
  • 18

    "Professor Jiggly: "This isn't as much freedom as I expected""

    cute animals - Building - PROFESSOR JIGGLY is loose in Cat Raom
  • 19

    "Went to the Humane Society to look at a kitty. I think i was adopted."

    cute animals - Cat
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  • 20

    "Jasper has gained some weight recently"

    cute animals - Wood
  • 21

    "Getting ready to leave for the afternoon when I'm greeted by this smiling face before I walk out the door"

    cute animals - Chain-link fencing
  • 22

    "So I went to the local animal shelter. One dog kept making the same face in every picture taken"

    cute animals - Mammal
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  • 23

    "This is what my fiance does at work on her free time"

    cute animals - Cat
  • 24

    "My favorite photo from our trip to the animal shelter"

    cute animals - Cat
  • 25

    "He was left alone for 10 minutes. He straight up climbed onto the wall of his kennel. That wall is roughly 6 feet tall"

    cute animals - Architecture
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  • 26

    "This cat at my local shelter really doesn't like people"

    cute animals - Ceiling


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