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Young Junkyard Worker Goes Viral for Sharing Their Day-to-Day Life in a Scrap Yard Through Funny TikToks

Though most people know what a scrap yard or junkyard is, many don't actually know what goes on in them. Scraps get dropped off and then never thought of again. But there are actually a lot of jobs that have to get done after the scraps or junk are dropped off. TikToker @father_yaga works in a scrap yard. They have gone viral before on TikTok, but then took a hiatus from the app. They returned towards the end of last year and now they're back posting funny videos. Sure, you probably won't learn enough about scarp yard work to jump into some heavy machinery, but through their videos you'll at least get a taste of the junk yard life and in a funny/entertaining way. 


Excavator Thoughts


The content creator posts videos that revolve around scrap yard humor like thoughts they have while using the excavator machine, or the struggle with interpreting hand signals from coworkers. They even posted a video of them saying “goodnight” to their shop, which was actually an oldie from their original account, but for some reason got them banned. Probably due to the sexy calendar girls the TikToker is talking to. (which is a dumb reason to get banned, but there are a lot of people dumb people on the Internet, so what're you gonna do?).


Goodnight Shop


Scrap Metal Helicopter Delivery


It's always interesting to get a glimpse into a life you've never seen or experienced before. The internet is a great place to get that, especially TikTok. Someone how has never worked in a junkyard probably think the job is dangerous and always serious. Especially if the most knowledge you have of a junk yard comes from The Brave Little Toaster… But this TikToker shows you that you can have fun on the job. 


TikTok Thoughts on the Job


They also share other funny skits on their TikTok and the music they make. The TikToker shows both their side of funny scrap yard worker, and also deep and melancholic folk singer. 


About the Author

Earth-based writer maybe a little too old for TikTok, yet is always on it. She likes dogs and has end-of-the-world humor. She writes her posts with a "don't @ me" attitude.


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