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Abandoned Pomeranian Gets Second Chance and Is Now Living His Best Life

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    When Bertram The Pomeranian was only 5 months old, a dog breeder abandoned him

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    The reason being that the puppy was ‘too big to sell’

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    His owner Kathy Grayson found him on a pet adoption site and brought him to NY where she owns an art gallery

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    “Bert is very calm and chill, inquisitive and silly”, Kathy says

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    Now, Bert helps Katy in her art gallery as an art connoisseur

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    “I gave him his own Instagram as he was taking over my art gallery page! I need to post paintings and people just wanted to see Bert”

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    “I love when people come to the art gallery to see Bertie or when they bring their dogs to meet Bertie!"

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    And even though his life started off a bit rough, he now enjoys living in NY

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    Bert’s now a social media star, with over 95k followers on Instagram, and Kathy says she’s not surprised

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    “Bert is a wonderful guy and makes people happy, the Internet and social media are built for cute animals, people need an antidote to all the nastiness”

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    He recently turned 5 years old and celebrated his birthday in style

  • 18

    And surely has many more happy years to come


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