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Woman Goes Viral After Showing How Dr. Seuss Books Are Actually Rap Bangers, These Books can Never Be Read the Same

We cannot begin to describe the impact that Dr. Seuss has made all over the world through his poetry and children's books. He is probably one of the most internationally known authors/illustrators to ever exist. His works have been Professionally translated into 20+ languages and if you go back and re-read some of them as an adult, you may realize that even though his target audience was children he tackled some pretty serious topics.


But we're not here simply to fangirl over Seuss's works, though we happily could for hours. We're here to talk about how TikTok users are just realizing how hard some of Dr. Seuss's rhymes slap. One content creator, in particular, has shown millions how incredible his words sound if you rap them. before moving forward, maybe you should hear it for yourselves.


Let's Watch


Okay, do you hear it now? We could listen to that for hours. The creator goes by the username @vanitykirk and nobody was more surprised than her to see how much this video took the platform by storm, it has already accumulated over 8 million views! The comment section is full of requests and celebrity responses as well.


Let's take a look at some more of Vanity's raps.


Green Eggs and Ham


People went crazy over this one as well. Many pointed out in the comments that this one was more Doja Cat, while the first was more Nicki Minaj. Do you hear it too?


One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish


Fox in Socks Part 2


Oh and remember those celebrity comments we mentioned earlier, here's a worthy shout-out.


Celebrity Shout-Out


How does one simply respond to LL Cool J telling them that they're feeling their rap style? We have no idea where to begin.


But who is this insanely talented rapper? Who is Vanity Kirk? She is definitely not new to the platform, and not a new fan of poetry either. On her page, you can find content about her life as a mother and some of her favorite clips of poetry as well. We have a feeling though that we will definitely begin seeing more and more of her incredible rap content as well.



About the Author

Maya's love for writing comes from her inability to contain all of her thoughts in her head. When she is not incorrectly guessing people's astrological signs and communicating through TikTok sounds, you can find her dancing her heart out in virtually any setting, and/or listening to musical theatre bops that she swears provide more serotonin than any other genre. Her dream is to keep writing, keep traveling, and keep oversharing with anyone that will listen.


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