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Photographer Captures the Intense Beauty of New England Caterpillars

We sometimes think there is only one species when it comes to caterpillars. What we don't realize is that there is over 120,000 different kinds of these tiny creatures. Each one with it's own uniqueness. But for New EnglanderSamuel Jaffe, caterpillars are much more. They are his inspiration. His muse if you would say. He has dedicated the past several years to research, photography and documenting caterpillars of all different species, all in an amazing effort to educate the public about them. 

Jaffe spoke toMyModernMet to expressed his work "As a photographer, caterpillars intrigue me as subjects because of their unbelievable defensive adaptations,{...} Many are unmatched mimics of the leaves and twigs of their host plants. Some mimic other creatures like snakes and spiders that may be threatening to their predators. Others might look like bird poop, galls, or detritus. Many caterpillars also perform bizarre defensive dances, have inflatable horns, bright warning colors, or other surprises. Caterpillars are unmatched tricksters and I love capturing and describing these survival strategies in a single photograph."

And these photos truly are captivating, just take a look for yourself! 

More info about the Caterpillar Lab: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Patreon

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