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Ryan Reynolds is Worried What Will Happen to Deadpool if Disney Gets X-Men Rights

Recent news came out that Disney might be buying part of 21st Century Fox, and thereby (finally) gain the rights back to the lost Marvel characters. 

This could come at a cost though. Disney is woefully infamous for putting the axe to anything that has too many 'adult' or dark themes. Recently, they made 'Rogue One' director Gareth Edwards reshoot major sequences of his film in order to 'lighten up' the ending. 

If Disney acquires the rights to the X-Men it would undoubtably leave the future of a 'Deadpool' franchise in a weird spot. It might also mean the death of the 'Logan' sequel that has been in the works. It's hard to imagine that Disney wouldn't have a thing or two to say about the R-rated films.

Ryan Reynold's took to twitter after the news broke, pondering what these rumors could mean. Twitter was quick to respond with the usual on-point humor. 

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