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How to Totally Nail Your New Years Eve Party (And a Few Things You Should Completely Avoid)

New Years Eve is full of pitfalls, isn't it time you learned to avoid them?

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  • 1

    Spend it With Friends, Not Drunken Idiots

    Ring in the New Year partying it up with friends who make you laugh, friends that make you think and friends that won't draw on your face when you're the first one to pass out at your own party.
    Plus, no expensive bar tab.

  • 2

    Keep it Classy

    If you're 22 or older it's time for you to stop pounding Miller Highlife and crushing the empties against your head. At the very least use a glass. Your friends shouldn't be cleaning the contents of your stomach out of the carpet.

  • 3

    Save the Champagne for Midnight

    This goes right along with keeping it classy. too much of the bubbly leads to horrible hangovers. Trust me, you do not want to be this cat in the morning. For an added bonus it means you don't have to buy more than a bottle or two.

  • 4

    The New Year's Ball Shouldn't Be the Center of Attention

    Sure, it maybe pretty and filled with light, but you know what? The whole pre-ball dropping ceremony is pretty boring compared to the company of your friends and fellow drunks. Trust us, Ryan Seacrest isn't that interesting.

  • 5

    Keep Your Expectations Based in Reality

    Most likely this will not be the greatest night of your life. Keep this in mind. If you don't believe me then you're already going to be disappointed. I don't like being the screen door in your submarine, but someone has to.

  • 6

    When Making Snacks Remember Easy Is Delicious

    If you're hosting, it will behoove you to have snacks for your guests. Keeps them from being cranky. Here are some easy food ideas.

  • 7

    Refrain From Discussing Your New Years Resolutions

    It should be a time for celebration, no one wants to hear a pack of lies. Don't kid yourself, that gym membership is only going to collect dust.

  • 8

    Don't Pass Out in Snow Banks

    Learn from this poor chap. I you do decide to go to the bar for NYE be sure you have a horse and buggy lined up to take you home. Hopefully the horse knows where you live. because you'll be too drunk to remember.

  • 9

    Don't Dress Up as the New Year Baby

    Are you a model? No? Then no one wants to see you super drunk and in a diaper. That's right, just imagine yourself really drunk and in a diaper. Now imagine me drunk and in a diaper. Wait, no...that's just horrifying.

  • 10

    Know Who You're Going to Kiss at Midnight

    If you insist on kissing someone at midnight, plan ahead. Because after you've had a few and you're in the heat of the moment, that dog over there is going to look oh so kissable.

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